This is the website of Tommie Cau. I am a curious and passionate strategist and leader focused on Talent, Communication and DigitalI typically act as an initiator, executor or change-maker. So far, I blog in Swedish.

Who is Tommie Cau

DSC_7071Tommie Cau is the Vice President Marketing & Communication at Nordic employer reviewsite Careereye. Tommie has 10+ years of experience in consulting and business development focsed on HR and communication. Previously, Tommie was a client Manager and senior consultant with digital corporate communications firm Comprend in Stockholm. He is a former Country Manager with global research and consulting firm Universum and one of the founders behind brand strategy firm Goodwicket and recruitment startup Jobla. Prior to joining Comprend, Tommie worked as an independent consultant with various digital business development projects. In 2012, Tommie founded leadership conference SIME HR Summit. Tommie is an appreciated lecturer and moderator in the areas of employer branding, communications and digital HR.

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My Professional Reputation

With his brilliance, courage and a relentless entrepreneurial mindset Tommie inspires and sees opportunities that others do not see.

Tommie Cau armchair

”Tommie has a strong driving force, is a genuine entrepreneur and always delivers fast and with high quality. He is genuinely creative and committed to business development and his courage, drive and joy inspire everyone. Tommie has a sharp intellect, a positive persistence and is passionate with his ideas. He makes things happen and is convincing in customer contacts. He is a dedicated generator of ideas with a solid expertise. Tommie has a powerful sense of purpose and belief that goals can be achieved, and he delivers results.

Tommie is responsive to customer needs – he is fearless, inspires confidence and likes to test new ideas and opportunities. He is extraordinarily ambitious, analytical and is actively practising what he preaches.  With his interest in his fellow humans, Tommie is remarkably observant in business meetings. He can be brilliantly sharp and has the ability to ”shake things up” and initiate change. Everything Tommie does is well thought through. He has an appetite for life and a desire to constantly grow. He is an inspirational speaker who opens up to engaging dialogues”.

This compilation is based on responses from colleagues and customers who provided answers anonymously in October 2012. This has been analysed by Per Frykman and Karin Sandin of Your Professional Reputation

What I do



My everyday role is helping clients create engaging and efficient communication as senior consultant with digital corporate communications firm Comprend. Working with research, strategy and implementation, we help clients with solutions for External Communication, CSR, Investor Relations, Public Affairs, Employer Branding and Internal Communication. Services include corporate websites, intranets, mobile applications, social media and corporate reporting. Since 1997  Comprend also runs the biggest webranking of corporate websites, KWD Webranking, providing in-dept insights on demand from stakeholders such as job seekers, investors, journalists etc.

Sime HR Summit

SIME_HR_SUMMIT_draft1-1Sime is Northern Europe’s largest internet conference. As a founder and director of Sime HR, I am heading up a leadership conference helping senior business and HR leaders explore and share knowledge about the HR challenges and opportunities any organization face in the increasingly connected society. We look in to how a networked society impacts the way we attract, develop and lead our talents and what digital transformation of businesses and organizations mean for HR leaders. Contact me at tommie@sime.nu for more information.

Read more information in Swedish here.

Employer Branding Movers & Shakers

EB Movers panelists

In spring 2013, I initiated #EBmovers together with industry colleagues at Potentialpark as an initiative to gather the leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators within Employer Branding. With the promise of Mingle, Talks and Movements, the event place is a forum to help develop the industry. The kick-off took place at Audi Forum Stockholm and featured David Scialpi from Employer Branding Revolution along select industry leaders from Coreworkers, Universum, TalentTalk and Potentialpark as invited speakers.

In May 2014, the next event took place with +70 hand-picked HR and Employer Branding leaders, with talks focusing on health, digital opportunities and personal branding.

Contact me at tommie@cau.se for more information on Employer Branding Movers & Shakers. Read more information in Swedish here.


I am based out of central Stockholm. To get in touch please contact med on tommie.cau@comprend.com, mobile +46702607093 or through tommiecau at Skype.