Nyhet: Modererar Agile People Sweden 2014

Agile Poeople Sweden Linkedin

NYHET: Talent Management företaget Green Bullet har anlitat Tommie Cau som moderator för sin temakonferens Agile People Sweden den 25 september i Stockholm. Under en hel dag samlar konferensen en stor grupp av progressiva thought-leaders och talare inom områdena agil HR och ledarskap. Bland många andra märks till exempel talarna Matti Klasson, People Operations Manager King, Katarina Berg, Global VP HR Spotify, Heiko Fischer, grundare Resourceful Humans, Jorgen Apello, Creative Networker.

Green Bullet beskriver konferensen:

”The Agile People Sweden Conference is an international meeting spot of vanguard HR, IT and Management. It’s one day of advanced thinking and ambitious experiments within agile HR and leadership. It is designed to inspire, equip, and connect participants in the collective project of creating more agile organizations that are better adapted for todays fast-changing world. With agile values together we can create organizations that are more competitive and fit for the future and for human beings”.

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